Women's Wellness Workshop - Part One
Women's Wellness Workshop - Part One

On TUESDAY 31st MAY 2022 - Join us for the first of a series of workshops on women's wellness!  This workshop is a 3 part series to explore topics we are commonly asked about by many of our clients. The first part we will be presenting ways to gain insights and tools to reclaim your vitality, your emotional ease, your creative power, your connection to the flow of life.
This workshop will be facilitated by 2 of our practitioners:
Denise Melton - Naturopath & Medical HerbalistLauren Ryburn - Holistic Facialist & Reiki Master


WHEN:        Tuesday, 31st May 2022
TIME:          6.00pm - 7.30pm
WHERE:      Tonic Room
BOOKING:   $40 (online please press click & collect at checkout)

Here we will teach you:

* How to go from treating your period as the enemy to celebrating its arrival every month
* Incorporating ritual and bringing the scared into every day
* How to eat and move in a way that honors your menstrual cycle
* Simple energetic practices to help you to slow down, ground and reconnect to your sacred womb space
* Understanding how your hormones may contribute to anxiety and mood related issues

Understanding and tracking our menstrual cycle helps us to align our outer actions with the inner wisdom of our womb. A woman's womb can have. Tea/Cacao ceremony presented on the night.


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