Wellness Workshop

In the final workshop we will be focusing on 
learning womb practices to unlock your femininity, creativity and overall vitality. 
Discover how the womb is connected to the jaw and the implications of holding your tongue or not saying what you need, want or desire.
These practices will help you: 
Reduce period pain and cramping
Spotting in-between periods
Reduce fibroids
Increase sexual pleasure 
Improve fertility
Increase creativity
Improve energy and vitality

This workshop will be facilitated by 2 of our practitioners:  
Denise Melton - Naturopath & Medical Herbalist
Lauren Ryburn - Holistic Facialist & Reiki Master

WHEN:        Tuesday, 6th September 2022
TIME:           6pm - 7.30pm
WHERE:      Tonic Room, Kingsland, Auckland
BOOKING:  $40 (online purchase please press click & collect)
TREATS:      Tea Ceremony
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