Viva NurtureMe Massage Review
Viva NurtureMe Massage Review


Embodyme launches its first bespoke massage, aimed at tired mums

In line with its ethos of fostering a sense of wellbeing through daily massage rituals, local body care brand Embodyme has teamed up with Tonic Room on a luxurious 60-minute Mother's Day NurtureMe massage which is designed to cultivate feelings of courage, joy, peace and kindness.

The experience begins by selecting an emotion you wish to impart throughout the treatment, be it courage, joy, peace or kindness, before a skilled therapist sets an intention for their practice. Next, using the selected Embodyme Nurturing Body Oil, a therapist will perform a relaxation massage to help evoke the desired feeling whilst nourishing skin.

A soundtrack that reflects the chosen feeling will play throughout the treatment, which finishes with a cup of tea (also inspired by the embodied emotion) before you float out the front door.

According to Embodyme founder Sarah Reid, the multi-sensory experience promises a moment of calm in busy mums' or mother-figures' lives.

"Awakening all five senses in one transformative journey epitomises luxury. Every mother deserves to be nurtured in this way, providing her with the space she needs to connect with herself on a deeper level and embody her true essence," she says.

The Mother's Day NurtureMe Massage is priced at $230 for a 60-minute treatment, with every person given a 100ml bottle of Embodyme Nurturing Body Oil and an Embodyme Self-Care Journal to inspire them to continue their daily rituals long after the treatment has ended.

Vouchers for the NurtureMe Massage are also available from now until May 12, and are valid for three months from the date of purchase.

For more information or to book, visit Tonic Room.

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