NurtureMe Massage Voucher 60 mins


Mother's Day NurtureMe Massage

Curated to give your loved one, or yourself, an uplifting multi-sensorial experience using the power of touch to nurture the body, mind and soul.  

Within the treatment, Embodyme's luxurious Nurturing Body Oils will be used serving as a gentle reminder to take time to feel courage, joy, peace and kindness each day.  

What this treatment offers:
  • A mind-melting 60 minute massage.
  • To begin, choose one of the four emotions that you wish to embody during the treatment. 
  • During the treatment, our therapist will guide you to take a few deep breaths and set an intention that embodies the chosen emotion. The selected oil will then be used during the massage for a truly immersive experience.
  • To further enhance the sensory experience, music will play creating an atmosphere conducive to embodying the chosen feeling. 
  • After the treatment, enjoy a bespoke herbal tea that reinforces the embodied emotion. 
  • To take home, you will receive a 100ml bottle of Embodyme Nurturing Body Oil and a self-care journal as a reminder of the wellness experience and to encourage a daily ritual for self care at home.

Voucher available to purchase 26th April until 12th May.  Expiry date of 3 months after purchase.