Hair Hydrating Mist


Rebalance, hydrate and soften. Our Hydrating Mist is a gentle yet restorative blend that adds shine, promotes calm and reduces frizz. The perfect companion to the Hair Growth Oil, this floral blend plays an essential role in your daily routine to help rebalance the PH of your scalp. Use daily for a moisture boost post swim, shower and sun.

Balances pH - Helps maintain the skin’s pH balance, promoting healthy skin barrier function and enhancing overall skin tone.

Hydrates and Tones - Acts as a natural hydrator and toner, providing moisture and tightening pores for a refreshed and vibrant complexion.

Improves Scalp Health - Soothes scalp irritations, reduces dandruff, and maintains scalp pH, creating an optimal environment for hair health.

Conditions Hair - Adds a natural shine and softness to the hair, leaving it silky and manageable.


Ingredients & Benefits