Clean Slate Nail Polish


Clean Slate is a neutral pink beige nail polish destined for so much more than a French Manicure. Take this tone out for playful pops of colour, fine nail art, or a sassy sticker or two. People often mistake Clean Slate as bland, boring, or basic. But this cream is a classic; a crisp foundation for wearing solo or as part of an elaborate masterpiece. After all, every artist has to start somewhere.

Our 12-Free nail polish is breathable, beautiful, and up to 83% plant-sourced - making it 83% friendlier for fingertips, rainforests and humans alike. Upgrade your manicure with a salon-quality, natural formula made from ingredients like organic marshmallow root extract, sugar cane, and cassava. Serving sublime two-coat coverage and a high-gloss finish, this is the plant-based polish your fingertips have been patiently waiting for.

15 mL

Ingredients & Benefits