Warrant of Wellness
Warrant of Wellness


Welcome to our newest naturopathic consultation the Warrant of Wellness.  Designed to make getting your health and wellness back on track quick with emphasis on tweaking nutritional, supplemental and testing requirements.

Nutritional Overview - Building and maintaining a healthy relationship with nutrition is vital for wellbeing.  A three-day food diary is provided pre-consultation so our practitioners have valuable insight into your diet, enabling personalised recommendations for improved nutrition and health.

Supplement Review - Herbal and supplement recommendations will be given after examining your current supplement regime.  We believe quality and efficacy should be prioritised over quantity when it comes to supplements.  They should only be taken when necessary.  

Functional Testing - A chance to discuss if functional testing is right for you and the different tests that are available.  Results from tests offer valuable information regarding biochemical, nutritional, metabolic and hormonal imbalance that can assist your practitioner in determining the best individual treatment.

Make your health a priority.  

45 minute WoW - $115

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