Spring Cleanse
Spring Cleanse


Feel vibrant with a spring cleanse! 

If you’re feeling acidic, bloated, sluggish or experiencing hormonal changes, skin breakouts or headaches, it may be time to cleanse your body and explore delicious and nutritious meal options to reset healthier habits. 

If you’re not sure if cleansing is suitable for your body or where to start and what to expect during the detoxification process, our qualified Naturopath Sarinah can help with your health goals and guide you with a tailored detox programme to suit your needs and budget.

Why Cleanse/Detox? 

A comprehensive cleansing/detox programme can encourage your body to eliminate stored toxins and metabolic waste. You may feel worse during the cleansing process but this will likely be followed by improvements to your energy, mood, digestion, hormone balance, skin, sleep and many other health benefits. 

What’s involved in a Cleanse? 

With guidance from our Naturopath you will:

*  Take prescribed herbal and nutritional supplementation to support efficient detoxification processes of the liver, kidneys, bowel, blood, lymph and skin. 

*  Eliminate all processed foods, artificial additives, wheat, dairy, red meat, refined sugar, caffeine and alcohol during the detox. 

*  Drink plenty of pure water to help flush toxins from the kidneys and hydrate the skin. 

*  Eat a wide range of plant foods to increase your nutrient, antioxidant and fibre intake. Nutrients and antioxidants will help support your energy and mood and protect your cells while cleansing. Fibre is essential for helping to eliminate waste through the bowel. 

*  Consume dark green leafy vegetables and lemon/apple cider vinegar in water to alkalise the blood and reduce acidity while promoting healthy digestion. 

*  Enjoy probiotic rich foods including sauerkraut, kimchi, coconut kefir and miso to boost beneficial bacteria in the gut and support healthy digestion and immunity. 

*  Encourage lymphathic flow, healthy circulation and radiant skin with dry skin brushing and sauna or steam treatments.

For futher information on our 45 minutes detox consultation ($75) or to book, please call the clinic on 09 8494488 or click here

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