Energy healing is becoming a more common practice in the western world as time goes on. With the busy lives we lead and the amount of external input we receive from the outside world in a single day, it’s no wonder we are turning to healing practices that help us to calm, balance and restore our inner world.

Our body and our inner systems are not designed to process and deal with so much input and overwhelm, so we naturally tend to push down and repress many feelings and emotions and that we are too busy or unequipped to face at the time. This is when imbalances can occur and where practices such as Reiki are the perfect companion to help us release, restore and to gently shift back into alignment.

So what is Reiki? 

Reiki is a Japanese method of energy healing. “Rei” meaning universal and “Kei” meaning energy.

It is a gentle, vibrational energy healing practice that supports the body's own natural balance and self- healing ability. It works by channeling the flow of universal life force energy “chi”, which is found all around us and in every living thing. During a Reiki session the life force energy flows through the practitioner into our own energy body, allowing space for the softening and releasing of any blocked or trapped energy we may have and bringing us back to harmony and balance of the mind, body and soul. 

When our energy flow is blocked this causes imbalances which can manifest in a range of different ways in the body; physically and emotionally. We will often feel low on energy, overwhelmed, anxious, sad and disconnected. Reiki can help to lift the dense weight and shift whatever energy blocks we may have that are contributing to these imbalances and bring us back to our grounded, knowing, loving-Self, allowing us to see things clearer and process any trapped emotions, bringing us softly back to harmony and balance.

Reiki also works a lot with the seven main energy centers of our body called the “chakras”. These chakras are found in seven different regions of the body from the base of the spine, up to the crown of the head. These chakras are deeply connected to particular emotions, energies and regions of the body depending on where they lie. When these chakras are blocked and out of balance this causes imbalances in the body.

All in all, Reiki is very calming, soothing and non-invasive form of energy healing with many profound benefits.

Some benefits of Reiki energy healing include: 
· Calming and soothing on the central nervous system
· Lifting and releasing emotional and energetic weight
· Supporting and replenishing vitality and energy levels
· Bringing us back into harmony and balance of the mind, body & soul
· Supporting feelings of groundedness and stability
· Supporting the alleviation of stress and anxiety responses in the body
· Bringing clarity to a situation or a clouded mental space
· Allowing us to process unresolved emotion from a place of calm 

As with all energy healing, Reiki is not a one size fits all kind of treatment and the beauty is, that each recipient will receive whatever it is that their body and soul needs in each session. There is no need for expectation, direction or preparation. All you need to do is show up as you are and just be. Simple! 

Our Reiki practitioner Lauren is very passionate about Reiki healing and was first attuned with Reiki at the age of 16. Over the past 16 years, she has practiced and expanded her connection and commitment to Reiki in many ways different ways, in many different cultures and regions of the globe. She is now a Reiki Master and dedicates her life to being in service of the Reiki life fore energy.

In her sessions she creates a sacred space where people feel safe to soften, open and release, moving freely back into alignment with their mind, body and soul.

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