New Practitioner At Tonic Room
New Practitioner At Tonic Room


Welcome Jose Penn to Tonic Room

We are delighted to have Josie on board at Tonic Room as a Mums and Bubs Nutritional Therapist!

Josie is a Nutritional Therapist who graduated from The College of Naturopathic Medicine (London) in 2012. Having spent years supporting clients with a broad range of presenting symptoms, she decided to change her focus following the birth of her twin daughters in early 2017.

Josie chose to shift towards helping women, mothers and families in response to her own experiences and challenges throughout this period. Areas of special interest include pregnancy nutrition, postnatal recovery and early weaning,

She is specifically interested in endocrine recovery post birth – thyroid, adrenal and blood sugar balancing. Josie is invested in supporting clients through their breastfeeding and postpartum journey to optimally nourish their child and ensure replenishment of their own nutrient stores.

Josie passionately supports mothers whose breastfeeding journeys may have been less successful or not possible for a number of possible reasons. She provides guidance on supplementation, milk options and nourishing first foods to help replicate some of the myriad benefits of breastmilk.

Her approach is fad-free, focusing on current research to guide her use of traditional healing foods and nutraceuticals with mindful consideration of each client’s means and time limitations.

Josie works at Tonic Room every Wednesday.

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