Meet Our Practitioners - Lauren Ryburn
Meet Our Practitioners - Lauren Ryburn


Meet Lauren, our Holistic Wellness Therapist and Reiki Master specialising in holistic facials, intuitive energy healing and massage.

With over 12 years experience, Lauren has a deep passion for holistic wellness and helping people bring balance to all areas of their lives by embracing and honouring all aspects.

She is a seeker and has travelled the world, living overseas for over 8 years and working onboard various luxury superyachts which sailed all areas of the globe. She has collected a wealth of knowledge and experience from the people she has encountered and the places she has experienced.

She also has a deep passion for environmental awareness and respecting the wellbeing of Mother Earth as we carry out of journey here on earth.  She was one of the pioneers for advocating sustainable practices within the Yachting industry and received the Environmental Crew Member of the year award in 2020.

One of her true callings is connecting and bringing together likeminded people. She hosts regular Women’s Soul Nourishment circles. Where women come together to share and support one another while releasing, healing and finding soul nourishment and fulfilment. 

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