Lymphatic Facial
Lymphatic Facial


Another New Tonic Room Facial

The Lymphatic Facial uses the PRIN mask to address skin health from the inside out, optimising the body’s circulatory and lymphatic systems - two often-overlooked and essential functions necessary to healthy skin.

A well-functioning lymphatic system keeps the inner pathways (the extracellular space) clean and clear by removing toxins and cellular debris. This allows the flow of our circulatory system to nourish our skin cells with oxygenated blood and nutrients.

This mask, included in our Lymphatic Facial, works with the organ systems, applying as a targeted, compression that increases blood circulation and promotes detoxification. At the same time, it transfers active, vitamin-rich plant extracts that make for healthy, glowing skin.

Go-to treatment for acne/problematic skins, ageing or preparation for advanced skin therapies.

Ingredients in the mask:

PRIN’s Mask contains a potent blend of Australian Botanicals selected for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities: Kakadu Plum Davidson’s Plum Tasmanian Pepper Leaf.  The powder contains oatmeal and aloe vera for their calming properties. The albumen, which is derived from egg, is certified free range.

The Tonic Room Lymphatic Facial is 60 minutes of deep skin rejuvenation. 


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