Intentional Gift Guide
Intentional Gift Guide


Gift giving with an intention is a wonderful ritual to establish for both the giver and receiver.  It can be as simple as taking a little more time to think before purchasing which enables you to put purpose behind the true meaning of gift giving.  

We've put some ideas together to give gifts that help calm, provide better sleep, strengthen immunity and showing an expression of gratitude to everyone on your list!


If you know someone who could use a little relaxation then these might be perfect treat:

The Cacao Club - Ceremonial Cacao - Reduce Stress and Anxiety with this calming mix of Cacao, Siberian Ginseng, Ashwagandha and Hawthorn Berry.  A great stocking filler too.

Vitruvi - Essential Oil Unwind Kit - 

A collection of four relaxing essential oil blends: herbal Dusk, powdery Quiet, smooth Nightcap, and tranquil Sleep.

Tonic Room Restore Tea - This relaxing tea gently calms and soothes the senses leaving a peaceful inner calm. A bespoke blend of botanical herbs thoughtfully curated by our Naturopaths to restore the body back to a natural state of balance.

Ashwagandha by Sattva Soul - An adaptogenic herb which is a highly effective, evidence-based remedy to help reduce stress, fatigue, and worry—by supporting normal cortisol and GABA levels, helping the body adapt to stress. 


Moon by 3rd Ritual - Moon is a botanical body lotion featuring an ethereal blend of essential oils carried by activated charcoal, evening primrose oil, and moonstone extract. To support the shift from restlessness to rest, day to night, and giving to receiving.

Vitruvi - Lavender Essential OilThis Organic French Lavender is a soothing, calming essential oil. Perfect for creating a bedtime ritual.

Move Diffuser - The Move Diffuser is cordless, allowing you to scent every corner of your home.  Place on your bedside table and let the calming essential oils help drift you off to sleep.

Misty Day - Moon Brew - A dark night time potion, with the soothing and calming shroom, reishi, alongside the hypnotic zizyphus to guide your mind off to sleepy town, ashwagandha to help fade the stresses of the day behind you and spellbinding vervain to guide you on your path ahead through dreamland.

BioCeuticals - Ultra Muscleze® Night - This is a combination of ingredients that may help relieve nervous unrest and reduce symptoms of stress.  Based on soothing magnesium.


Wild Dispensary - Immunity Tonic centres on elderberry (Sambucus nigra), a plant that has traditionally been used to boost immunity and to ease the symptoms of ills and chills. Delicious tasting and suitable for adults and children.

Activist - Manuka Elixir is to be used for immune support and maintenance. Infused with Raw Manuka Honey 850+MGO;

De Mamiel Altitude Oil - Carry the Altitude Oil inhalation essence with you at all times to keep a clear head and boost your immune system when constantly on the go. It's the handbag must-have for all - a naturally potent immune booster and pick me up.

The Beauty Chef Glow Powder - With 18 Certified Organic wholefoods including bio-fermented maqui berries, queen garnet plum and pomegranate fruit peel extract, vitamin C to help boost collagen production and zinc to support healthy hair and nails and immunity.


Treat a special someone to a beautiful skincare set!  Ideal for letting them explore one of our luxurious ranges and pamper themselves at the same time.

Tata Harper Daily Essentials - Tonic Room's cult beauty brand.  Green beauty at its finest and one of our favourites.

Emma Lewisham Gift Set  This premium set of minis is the perfect introduction to the Emma Lewisham range. Emma has hand selected products for the ultimate beauty regime, resulting in a hydrated and radiantly healthy complexion.

MV Skintherapy Ritual Kit - The perfect gift for a mini facial at home with this award winning mask. A game changer when it comes to reducing redness and evening out skin tone, this soothing, strengthening and refining mask is a perfect skin pick-me-up.

Maryse Debut KitFive introductory skincare formulations by Maryse, blended in small batches with natural and organic ingredients to optimise healthy and beautiful skin.

Tonic Room Vouchers - What can we say ... Perfect!

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