Ignite your senses this gifting season
Ignite your senses this gifting season


Treat the special people in your life with one of our gifts from the heart.  

Give the gift of a beautiful sight: 

Gin & Tonic Glasses Set by Maison Balzac

Maison Balzac offers an expression of imagination through the creation of novel objects bringing enchantment to the spaces they occupy. Dedicated to the art of creating the perfect G&T, these hand-blown borosilicate glasses always carry a lime to ensure you are never caught without the essential finishing touch! A wonderful gift for someone who enjoys their gin alcohol-free, or the real deal.  

Candles by Arc Atelier

A gift for the lover of design and scent, Arc Atelier candles are contained within mouth-blown glass made to outlive the use of the candle. An object of beauty in itself, Arc Atelier candles are made from natural botanical wax, unbleached cotton wicks and natural fragrances. All candles are hand-poured in Aotearoa, New Zealand. 

The Loulou Vase XL in Amber by Maison Blazac

Treat your eyes to the bold jewel-toned glassware, now in an extra large size! Made by hand from borosilicate glass, this is the perfect vessel for fresh or dried flowers or left to stand alone as a piece of art. Fill with Christmas lilies and gift the Loulou Vase as a thank you to the host of your Christmas get-together. 

Give the gift of sound:

Bel by 3rd Ritual 

The Bel uses gravity, fire and sound to mark the passing of time. When the candle is lit, the melting wax eventually offers a falling pin, landing with a resonant ding. The Bel contains a solid brass candle holder handmade in India, three solid brass pins, matches, and three hand-dipped candles infused with essential oils of palo santo, French lavender and sage. A beautiful addition to a meditation practice.  

Bellflower Wind Chime by Timbre

The bellflower hangs gracefully on a thin string and produces a clear and confident chime while swaying on the breeze. Featuring four organically shaped Edo glass bells, it offers both a unique tone and an elegant aesthetic. 

Give the gift of smell: 

The Holiday Kit & Diffusers by Vitruvi

Hand-picked for the holiday season, the Holiday Kit contains four festive essential oil blends. Pair with a diffuser and allow scents of merriment and togetherness to come forth. Chose from Stone - a matte ceramic diffuser that offers an iconic design in a bold array of colours, or Move - the cordless one with a sleek aesthetic that allows the scent to reach every corner of the recipient's home.

Restorative Cleansing Balm by de Mamiel

Transforming what could be a beauty basic into a luxurious treatment, this meltingly aromatic cleanser from de Mamiel is packed with soothing oils and spirit-affirming flower essences. Meticulously formulated and hand-blended to ensure absolute purity, the Restorative Cleansing Blam delights and immerses the senses. 

Sector Gift Box by Cinnamon Projects

Beautifully handcrafted in natural solid brass, Sector is created from a square removed from a circle that creates a channel to collect falling ash. The Sector Gift Box offers fifty Japanese-style increase sticks in five different scents composed of raw materials and perfumes which linger for hours. Each scent is designed for a different time of the day allowing the receiver to harness the power of smell paired with mindful intention. 

Give the gift of taste: 

The Lover’s Box by Loco Love 

Artisanal chocolate with benefits - vegan, soy, gluten and refined sugar-free, the Lover’s Box is no ordinary box of chocolates. Developed by a qualified naturopath and nutritionist from ethically sourced organic criollo cacao and a unique blend of tonic herbs, superfoods and healing spice, the incredible quality of ingredients is vital to the decadence of these chocolates. Offering nine of their most popular flavours in one box, this is a dream gift that encourages the receiver to indulge guiltlessly and let love and good vibes flow. Purchase one to give, and add one of their single or twin packs of chocolates for yourself!  

Restore Tea by Tonic Room

A bespoke blend of botanical herbs thoughtfully formulated by naturopaths, this relaxing tea gently calms and soothes the senses. Offering spearmint with a touch of lemon and floral notes, the Restore Tea brings the body back to a natural state of balance offering a sense of peace and inner calm. 

Ceremonial Cacao by The Cacao Club

The Cacao Club was born out of a desire to help people connect to their own bodies and to the earth in order to find deeper meaning and fulfilment. Once revered as one of the most powerful plant medicines in the jungle, cacao is considered a symbol of the nourishment and abundance that Mother Nature provides. Founded by a Medical Herbalist and Naturopath, their range of tonics supports you to get in touch with your heart's calling and helps to provide the space for your actions to follow. Choose from their herb-filled ceremonial cacao discs that support calm, focus, intimacy or sleep.  

Give the gift of touch: 

Body Restorer Gua Sha by Arithmos

Designed to activate the body’s natural healing abilities, the Body Restorer gifts glowing, radiant and sculpted skin. Releasing tension in the muscles and reducing inflammation through the promotion of circulation and lymphatic drainage the Body Restorer is made from stainless steel, allowing it to seamlessly glide over the skin and work deeper into the muscles of the body.

Towelling by BAINA

BAINA takes a modern approach to traditional towelling, elevating a very traditional Christmas gift. BAINA represents the reconnection to ones bathing routine, a time to prepare for the day ahead or disconnect from the day that has passed. Made from 100% GOTS-certified cotton, BAINA towels are soft, biodegradable and are less likely to irritate those with sensitive skin. Soft to the touch and exceptionally absorbent, BAINA harnesses simplicity in their design and experiments with texture and colour to elevate any space. 

A Treatment Voucher by Tonic Room

Thoughtfully designed using the finest organic and naturally active botanical products, Tonic Room’s treatments are uniquely customised to our individual needs. Give the gift of time and touch and gift a massage or facial voucher, or allow the receipt to decide themselves. 

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