New to the Tonic Room’s abundant array of natural therapies is AcuFacial — a 90-minute treatment of facial acupuncture (also known as cosmetic acupuncture). A natural alternative to Botox, this non-invasive treatment increases blood circulation, balances moisture and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin to reveal a brighter and firmer complexion. Designed for a diverse clientele, AcuFacial serves as an ideal preventative measure for youthful skin and a restorative therapy for mature skin types. 

The secret to AcuFacial’s youthful and radiant glow lies within the ultra-fine needles that delicately penetrate the skin barrier. Much finer than traditional acupuncture needles, AcuFacial’s micro-needles cause microtraumas to the skin, prompting a natural response to “heal what is broken”, making skin firmer and tighter without any adverse effects (other than minimal bruising). The results are immediate, however, regular sessions are advised to achieve the full benefits of the acupuncture treatment. 

In one 90-minute skin-rejuvenating session, clients are treated to a bespoke 45-minute facial designed to prime the skin for 45 minutes of facial acupuncture.  A Tonic Room holistic skin therapist will prepare the skin with a cleansing regimen, followed by a face mask application. The skin’s circulation is boosted using the ancient technique of Gua Sha, and muscles are relaxed with deep facial massaging. Following this, a Tonic Room acupuncturist will begin one of two treatments — “Glow”, which focuses on the facial acupuncture points to stimulate a radiant complexion, or “Target”, a tailored approach to a client’s areas of concerns such as lifting, sculpting and the softening of deep facial lines. The treatment concludes with a 30-minute rest period as the needles restore and revitalise the skin. Clients are advised on aftercare, and SPF upon exit is a must. For those familiar with Botox, “Glow” produces a similar level of temporary discomfort, while “Target” resembles the effects of traditional muscular acupuncture.


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