Nourish + Restore Conditioner Bar


Enriched with Hibiscus Extract, Quinoa Protein and Jojoba Oil to deep condition, nourish and protect the hair, enhancing and restoring strength and shine.

Thick, dry or treated hair. Deep conditioning for curl definition, strength and shine. Particularity suitable for hair that is long, thick, curly, coily, or natural and those following the Curly Girl Method. Colour safe.

Hibiscus Extract - nourishes the hair follicle and pH balance of the scalp, whilst softening the hair and improving manageability. Quinoa Protein - protects hair colour and condition during cleansing, whilst providing added hydration, strength and lustre. Jojoba Oil - soothes and restores the hair condition, assisting detangling and curl definition. A rich, golden oil with a molecular profile close to the natural oils of the skin and hair.


Bar is equivalent to approximately four to five 250ml bottles of liquid conditioner.

Ingredients & Benefits